Made by hand, crafted by heart

pizza-grayscaleWhen you walk into Pizzakaya, you are out of Japan. Our California gourmet pizza, American craft beers, and classic décor will be like a breath of fresh air for our local community and a Home away from home for many of our customers.

At Pizzakaya, we make our dough fresh and daily, the old-fashioned way.

Great pizza dough begins with a starter doug that needs 24 hours to rise, fall, and mature. Then, shortly before baking, we combine the aged starter with fresh doug. This two-step process produces a pizza that’s thick, yet light, and loaded with flavor.

The ingredients we use are all either flown fresh to us from various parts of the world or grown fresh locally. We are committed to providing the best quality at Pizzakaya and we have complete oversight and first choice on every product used.

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News & Latest Campaigns

  • World Cup is Here!

    World Cup is Here!

    Watch the games live at Pizzakaya! ラグビーワールドカップの最強チームのぶつかり合いをピザとクラフトビールの最強タッグとともに観戦しませんか!

  • Pizzakaya Exclusive Membership!                        ...

    Pizzakaya Exclusive Membership! ...

    Get a FREE Medium Pizza every month and one of these great deals every week, for only ¥1,000/month! 月額たったの1,000円で毎月ミディアムサイズピザを1枚無料提供のほか、毎週お得なサービスがいっぱいです! With your membership you get: 1 FREE medium pizza of your choice! That’s up to a ¥1600 savings…. Every Month! Members will get other weekly deals such as 2 for 1 medium pizza offers, extended Craft Beer

  • Yupanqui Peppercorn Pizza...

    Yupanqui Peppercorn Pizza...

    For Dine-In only Premium, fresh peppercorns straight from the YUPANQUI family farm in the Equadorian rain forest. 100% organic, non GMO, Gluten Free. Supreme quality, smoked black, green, white, and the very rare, red (not pink) peppercorns, freshly cracked, tops our Great White base pizza with turmeric, extra parmesan and bit of honey. Simply amazing!


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